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Polizeikontrollstelle(We control the police) is back! And we need you!

Von Redaktion | 9.April 2020

Polizeikontrollstelle (We control the police) is back! And we need you!
A few committed people have joined forces to keep an eye on the police
and the Ordnungsamt (public order office), even in the current situation.
Why now? Due to the corona virus, new regulations have been issued
recently which affect and restrict many areas of our daily life. In some
areas this is totally understandable, so that the ruined health system
is not overwhelmed and the spread of the virus is slowed down. At the
same time, however, it means that police forces have gained a lot of
power and are shamelessly exploiting the current situation. An example
of this are the sometimes arbitrary inspections that are justified by
the contact ban, even though there is no reason for them. An increase of
racial profiling is also expected.
Even in this currently very special situation, we want to observe the
police and the Ordnungsamt with many critical eyes.
To achieve this we need you! If you witness police controls report them
to us! If you notice police or Ordnungsamt controls observe closely what
happens and try to get in contact with the people affected. Please share
your observations with us afterwards. Together we can put an end to the
repressive measures!

At the moment we can only cover the city of Potsdam and the state of Brandenburg.

Contact us via mail: kontakt@polizeikontrollstelle.de

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